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Currently, if a woman is in a crisis pregnancy situation, she has three options: raise the baby in an unstable environment, give the baby up for adoption, or terminate the pregnancy. Prepare for Babies exists to help mothers who are afraid or unsure how they'll manage. We want to remove the obstacles that cause mothers to consider abortion— replacing fear and uncertainty with the reassurance and tangible support that every mother needs to sustain her pregnancy and prepare a strong foundation for her family. Plans are also underway to establish housing for mothers and babies from pregnancy up to the first eighteen months of baby's life. 

This is a new opportunity for the body of Christ to rise up to the mandate in James 1:27— to care for the orphan and the widow in their time of distress. Loving these beautiful ones is loving the Lord Himself. 

Our Mission

To provide a safe and loving home for pregnant women in crisis while equipping them to build abundant lives rooted in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To see a community of empowered mothers who have embraced their God-given worth and the value of their children and future generations.

Prenatal Portrait

Every mother supported,
every child wanted.

Join Our Team

As we continue to build our team and spread the word about our mission, we are asking you to pray about serving with us. No matter your skills or resources, there are plenty of opportunities for you to help! By filling out our Interest Form (below) you can get a better idea of exactly how you can get involved.

Ways to Help

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Please contact for the most recent top priority needs.

Mother Holding Baby

Measuring Impact


Brave Mothers from our community have been served since Prepare For Babies was established in 2022.


Brave Mothers, right here in the CSRA, are in need of maternity supportive housing.

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