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Supportive Care

-Prepare for Babies provides resources for mothers in financial crisis, equipping them to give their babies everything they need. 

-Maternity items 

-Baby essentials (diapers, formula, clothing, etc.)

-Nursing supplies


-Resources for employment opportunities

-Access to childcare volunteers

-Spiritual guidance and encouragement 

-Parent training

-If desired, assistance with the adoption process

Mentorship & Counseling

We are building a team of mentors that will walk with parents into family restoration. We also provide resources for other licensed counseling and rehabilitation programs in our area. 


Under Georgia's newly passed Betsy's Law, we are in the process of establishing cottages to house mothers choosing life for their babies. Soon, an expecting mother will be able to live in a cottage for the duration of her pregnancy through the first 18 months of the baby's life. She will have the full support and guidance of our mentors as she plans for her future with her new baby.

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